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BN Healthy is much more than Bariatric vitamins and supplements.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy and happy lifestyle you desire.

Winter Recipes

  • It's hard to eat healthy when the weather starts to turn. Don't worry, though; eating well doesn't have to mean missing out. Here are a few hearty yet healthy winter recipes, from liquids to solid foods, to help you get stay on track.
  • Do try it out this month and send us a picture of your meal in our BN Bariatric Community!

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Weight Loss Surgery Blogs

Bariatric Surgery is a journey. Pre-surgery is undoubtedly the beginning of the journey, but the end... it's not well determined.

Below are blogs to help you gain knowledge and skills to get the best possible outcomes at every stage.

Cardio, Strength and Flexibility After Surgery

Exercise & Health

Cardio, Strength and Flexibility After Surgery

Cardio, strength and flexibility are important for success after weight loss surgery, but how much is necessary? What type is best? Will it affect the amount of weight you lose or help maintain your weight?
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The Scoop on Collagen vs Whey Protein


The Scoop on Collagen vs Whey Protein

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Discovering a Better Relationship with Food

Food & Nutrition

Discovering a Better Relationship with Food

We may be overeating, undereating or eating insufficiently depending on our day and mood. It's time for us to improve our relationship with food. Explore identifying your eating habits.
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Bariatric Vitamins in Australia

Welcome to BN Healthy, Australia's leading Bariatric Vitamin company dedicated to Weight Loss Surgery patients.

We are passionate about helping bariatric patients make the most of life's every moment and investing in their new healthy lifestyle. At BN Healthy, we deliver more than bariatric vitamins and supplements in Australia. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy and happy lifestyle you've always wanted, and supporting you when times get tricky. 

We will educate, empower, and encourage you through every step to have the best chance to achieve your goals. When you buy our bariatric multivitamin supplements, you can feel confident in receiving the support you need the most throughout your journey. Explore our online store of bariatric multivitamins.