About Us

Actually... We’re more about You!

BN Healthy is much more than Bariatric vitamins and supplements. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the healthy and happy lifestyle you desire.
We often say -
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Let's make it the Best of Your Life!

We know that we’re fortunate to have such a meaningful purpose.

From the very first day we opened for business, our Bariatric nutrition products have been formulated following clinical best practices.

But what we really love is getting to know our customers. Their ambitions and transformations are very much our own. We feel the joys of their turning points, the thrill of their successes and the pain of their failures. 

That’s why we’re not afraid to say “Well done, you” or to hand out a hearty “Congratulations.” It’s also why we ask, “How are you?” 

We help you take care of their body so you can write a new chapter in your life. We’ve seen these transformations and been on this beautiful journey before – and we just love helping them along the way!

Bariatric patients are at the heart of everything we do. 

We are Authentic and Real - providing patients with a place to share their lived experience of Weight Loss Surgery with others in the community. 

You'll find Real BN Customers sharing their Real Stories. 

These stories contain stories of people from all walks of stages. Although unique, they allow you to connect with people with similar experiences, knowing you are not alone.

Purpose - Why we’re different

At BN Healthy, you'll find more than just comprehensive supplements and product choices; you'll find complete and compassionate support from Qualified Nutritionists. 

We are committed to providing the utmost value to Bariatric patients; our main objectives are to 

  • Continuously improve our supplements and products to improve the health and wellness of patients worldwide,
  • Help patients achieve their weight loss goals,
  • Provide valuable resources to all practitioners serving the needs of Bariatric patients,
  • Reduce the stigma around obesity

We believe that the more we can help Bariatric patients by utilising our vast range of educational resources to increase their health and wellness knowledge of the WLS journey, the more they can improve their wellness for themselves.


To create a healthier and happier world.


In serving our mission and vision, BN Healthy's core values are:

Bariatric Patients

The needs of Bariatric patients are our top priority, and we aim to meet those needs while ensuring a quality experience.


We take pride in providing the highest quality and most biologically available Bariatric supplements following the ASMBS Guidelines.


We are driven in our actions by ethical principles that encourage strong relationships based on trust and consistency.


We support a diverse, inclusive and safe community for educating and inspiring Bariatric patients to thrive.

30 years in the Bariatric Community

Our company founder, Roger Lewis, was an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for health and wellness. 

Roger was born in Brisbane, Australia, and lived in New York, supplying Bariatric Surgeons with surgery supplies. 

He observed that many WLS patients were not receiving the nutritional support they needed to maintain their health and lifestyle. So, he worked with a team of Bariatric professionals and other industry experts to develop a range of the highest quality Bariatric vitamins and supplements that would improve the nutrition value of WLS patients. 

BN Healthy has maintained this principle of quality through our extensive range of vitamins and supplements. 'For The Best Of Your Life'; is our company slogan and embodies our passion for continuing to support the health of WLS patients across the globe. 

BN Healthy is a leading Bariatric Multivitamin, manufacturing all its vitamins and supplements. 

BN Healthy has now supported over 75,000 Bariatric patients' nutrition well-being.

BN Professional

Bariatric practitioners play a central and critical role in improving access and quality health for Bariatric patients. We work to support Practitioners with valuable resources, industry funding and a sense of community. 

We have become a valued partner by continually working with surgeons and dietitians to

  • Improve patient compliance with Bariatric vitamins and supplements.
  • Foster communication between practitioners on Weight Loss Surgery and related conditions.
  • Be the recognised and reliable resource for Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery nutrition care.
  • Advocate for the ASMBS Guidelines that ensure patient compliance.
  • Supply educational and professional needs to our diverse practitioners.

Jacqui's Credentials

Jacqui Lewis 
BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

Jacqui has over seven years of experience in the Bariatric field and has developed extensive experience helping and supporting Bariatric patients both pre and post-surgery. You'll see Jacqui on many of our platforms;

  • Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast,
  • Facebook LIVE sessions,
  • Recipe videos,
  • BN Bariatric Group

helping Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) patients make long-life changes to improve their health, vitality and quality of life.

She is dedicated to product research and development, keeping up-to-date research in Bariatric surgery and understanding the specific requirements of WLS patients. Jacqui has a compassionate, planned and strategic approach to nutrition, offering ongoing patient support. 

She can guide with extensive experience in many other areas of health and fitness, including personal training, remedial massage, stress management and meditation master training. 

When she's not working, you'll find Jacqui reading, exercising, spending time with family and walking her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Executive Team

Roger Lewis

Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

Jacqui Lewis

Clinical Affairs Manager 

John King

General Manager

Man Smilinig - BN Healthy

Clinton Stewart

Chief Financial Officer