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    BN Fibre Powder - 5g Single Serve - 5pk


    Keeps You Regular

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    Protein Water Sample - Feel Good & Protein Perfection

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Nutritionally supported over 50,000 Bariatric Patients'

I am so much happier now, full of energy and enjoy being out and about with my family. - Kerri
BN Healthy Customer taking BN Chews

We are Authentic & Real

I can't believe how great I feel. The compliments I am getting is so uplifting. My advice is to go for it, remember who your doing it for and why! - Carolyn

You too, can live for the Best of Your Life

Overall health has improved significantly, I have high energy levels to be active daily is awesome! - Matt

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Our Bariatric vitamins and supplements cater for all Weight Loss Surgeries.

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BN Healthy Customer's Stories

inspirational story

Cathy Cigana

Don’t take your life for granted. I used to think having surgery for weight was the cop out but I’ve realised it isn’t easy & it’s for life.
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BN Healthy Customer's Stories

inspirational story

Shirley Crouch

My fitness is a bonus I can now do things, hardest part dealing with the problems along the way. 
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BN Healthy Customer's Stories

inspirational story

Janita Cooper

Just listen to your body and believe on yourself, don't compare yourself to others everyone's journey is different
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Bariatric Vitamin & Protein Samples

BN Healthy produces the highest quality and most biologically available vitamins and minerals to provide you with the best safety and pureness. BN Healthy manufacture and pack your BN vitamins and BN supplements, closely working with local surgeons and dietitians to continually enhance our range and ingredients.

Our range of bariatric vitamin samples allows you to see how simple your vitamin and supplement routine is. We all love a variety of sample packs, and they're even better when it helps reach our daily protein goal or as an on-the-go meal. Look through our sample packs, from bariatric protein powders to collagen powder samples, when you can't decide which products to order. No matter what you choose, you can be sure it'll be filled with great tasting and easy to digest weight loss products.