BN Healthy is Your Best Choice as a Supplement Partner -  By Far!

Here are 8 Reasons Why

The Best Products

✓  BN Caps & BN Chews multivitamins provide comprehensive support

✓  BN Caps & BN Chews contain essential nutrients including Copper, Iron, Calcium

✓  Premium bioavailable ingredients: Calcium Citrate, Iron Bisglycinate, Active B12

Cheaper for Your Patients

BN Chews are high potency multivitamins with key nutrients like Iron and Calcium included

  A standard 3-month subscription costs just $86.25 and has Free Shipping!

Gastric Guide to Patients

Supporting the Bariatric Community

  Industry Event Supporter for nearly 10 years: ANZMOSS, Individual Dietitians 

✓  Webinars, Podcasts: Providing evidenced-based education and motivation

✓  Industry Consultative Product Development: Meeting commercial and compliance success

Supporting the Bariatric Community

Reliable Products Direct to your Patients

Automated refill orders are the best way to ensure your patients are consistent with your recommended regime.

  “Set and forget” subscription ordering helps to keep things on track. Subscribing eliminates confusion and enhances adherence, and special offers may apply.

  Wholesale Program: Sell BNs to your patients from within your clinic. Find Out More.

BN Healthy Affiliate Program:

Free Practitioner Resources

  Vitamins & Supplements Samples: Try an assortment of BN Products

✓  Patient Education Brochures: Assisting patients to remember important information

✓  Clinic Posters and Displays: To expand knowledge of health, change attitudes and apply a useful daily practice

  Journey Packs: Designed for wholistic support

Assortment of BN Products

Supporting Patient Compliance

  Great Tasting & Easy to Digest: BN Chews in Orange & BN Chews Iron Free in Wild Berry

  BN Chocolates: Premium 72% Dark Chocolate, 500g Calcium Citrate + 500IU Vitamin D3

  Patient Support: Groups, Education, BNspired Stories, Facebook Live Sessions, Recipes - all providing a supportive environment and the tools to achieve success

BN Dark Chocolate Calcium Balls

Truly Patient Focused

  Lower Sell Prices: Affordable, Reliable, Tailored Solutions for your patients

  Higher Cost More Bioavailable Ingredients: Without having to take higher doses

  Full Product Range: From supplements to shapewear, for lifestyle and nutrition support

 BN Healthy Full Product Range

Fully Australian Owned & Manufactured

  Started in Australia and fully Australian owned: Adherence to quality standards, economical sustainability 

  Keeping Profits in Australia rather than Europe: Helping Australia reach its economic potential and enhance existing industries

  Quality Assured: Manufactured in Australia which abide by the strict standards of the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Fully Australian Owned & Manufactured