Vegan Breakfasts

Eating a protein-rich breakfast daily is key to losing weight and keeping it off. Research indicates up to 25% greater weight loss is attainable by making sure you start the day on the right foot - and we've made it tasty and simple!


Searching for vegan products that fit the bill for protein and taste?
Refresh your morning routine with the best vegan pancakes and vegan protein porridge! Our range includes easy-to-make vegan high-protein pancakes, vegan oats, and more.

Breakfast should not be missed - but it's also often a rush or a chore.
Breakfast can;
  • Restore your glucose supply
  • Boost your energy levels and alertness
  • Supply other vital nutrients for optimum health

Our vegan breakfast range includes key ingredients such as protein, probiotics, digestive enzymes and minerals to help start and fuel your day correctly.

You'll feel better starting the day with vegan breakfast products that contain only natural ingredients. These are simple solutions made up of high-quality components and tasty flavours. They're an instant mixing powder.

Refrain from skipping breakfast because of early starts, long commutes, or busy morning schedules. Whatever your reason, we make it easy for you to fit in breakfast easily.

Buy your vegan products online here, offering a delicious vegan protein that's easy on the digestive system and provides a great spread of amino acids vital for muscle development.

Start your day the delicious way with our vegan breakfast range!


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Botanika Vegan GF Pancake Mix


Filling & Satisfying Meals

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Botanika Vegan Porridge - Vanilla Dream


Keeps You Feeling Satisfied