June 2021

7 Ways to Satisfy Hunger With a Healthy Winter Salad

In previous articles, we highlighted the stats on how good (or rather not so good) we Aussies are at meeting our daily fruit and veg needs. To give you a small hint at just how good we are - we have the Cancer Council concerned!
In 2017-18, only 7.5% of Australians aged 18 years and over met the dietary guideline for vegetable intake. The females' proportion meeting this guideline was 10.9%, more than double the males' proportion was 4.1%.

So now you might also be wondering what the connection is between the Cancer Council and not having enough veggies in your diet. There’s plenty of research to indicate that eating your veggies and preventing cancer are well connected. So the opposite also applies. There are many things that benefit from “eating the rainbow” every day.
Each colour provides a range of protective and preventive health benefits for so many systems in our bodies.
To get around this deficit and get you on track to hitting your target, we need to look at hacks that we can implement easily, ensuring your quota of health-giving colour and fibre filled veg, every day.
Eating salad for lunch every day is a great start! I know, I can almost hear you groaning at the thought of soggy iceberg lettuce with shop-bought Italian dressing swishing around in the bottom of your lunchbox!!
can almost feel your hunger pains as you try to do the right thing and eat “rabbit food” because you’re on a “diet”. Well, I'm about to shoot these notions back to the 1980s, where they belong!
When we know better, we do better! Salads have redefined in recent years - THANK GOODNESS.