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Not a Bariatric Cookbook


Written by experts - Specialist Bariatric Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis, Chef Adam Moore and Chef Adam Rice, Not a Bariatric Cookbook is a guide to great tasting food after bariatric surgery. No more bland and boring!


Featuring 80+ Easy & Delicious Recipes and sustainable meal planning techniques, it’s never been easier to to eat nutritiously and deliciously.


Jacqui Lewis (BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine), Chef Adam Moore & Chef Adam Rice

After over a decade of supporting the bariatric community to live their best life, something that we have heard far too often is “food tastes bland and boring after surgery”. Say goodbye to bland and boring! Bring on tasty food, full of flavour and delight with ‘Not a Bariatric Cookbook’! A collaboration between clinical nutrition expert Jacqui Lewis, and two professional Chefs, Adam Moore and Adam Rice, food after bariatric surgery has never been so tasty.

Learn the nutritional implications of each stage and how to thrive with Bariatric Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis. Our expert chefs, Adam Rice and Adam Moore, will walk you through their time-saving cooking techniques, pantry and kitchen setup, and menu planning hacks.

Embark on a journey where nutrition and cooking meet. Learn how to make everyday food come to life with ease every time. Not a Bariatric Cookbook is your go-to in the kitchen. It is full of support for every stage and includes over 80 nutrient-dense, flavour-packed recipes. You'll delight in serving a variety of food you and your family will love.

‘Not a Bariatric Cookbook’ is also a companion to our game-changing BN Cooking program. A bespoke and unique series of online video modules through which you can learn the mastery of creating tasty bariatric food like never before.