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BN Smart Tea Infuser


Eco-friendly double wall glass, built-in tea strainer


Convenient on-the-go hydration solution



Introducing our Smart Tea Infuser — a revolution in brewing perfection.

With a leak-proof design and double-strength glass, this tool ensures mess-free tea experiences. Anti-scalding features guarantee safety, while touch control and a clear LED display make brewing a breeze. The built-in tea strainer is a life saver!

Crafted for tea enthusiasts, this infuser crafts the ideal cup, whether at home or on-the-go. Versatility spans temperatures for cold, warm or hot beverages. It embraces simplicity and safety with an easy-to-use design: load tea leaves, add hot water. The Smart Tea Infuser in black or pink transforms every sip into a moment of bliss.

• Warm, gentle hand wash before or after use.

First, open the top section of the lid, place your preferred tea (1-2 spoons) into the infuser basket and close the lid tightly. Then, open the lower part of the lid and pour hot water into the bottle.

Once you've added water and closed the lid tightly, flip the bottle upside down and let the tea brew for 3-5 minutes or until it reaches your desired strength or temperature.

When your tea is ready, open the lower section of the lid and pour it into a cup or drink it directly from the bottle if not too hot.

Alternatively, use it for fruit tea by putting fruit slices in the bottle and filling it with hot or cold water. The strainer serves as a filter so you can enjoy your fruity treat!