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BN Insulated Protein Shaker


Stay Healthy and Hydrated


Shakes, Smoothies, Super Food Powder



Fuel Your Fitness Journey in Style

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight loss surgery preparation and recovery, muscle gain or improved wellness, proper nutrition is key. Our premium 304 Stainless Steel double-walled, vacuum-insulated protein shaker easily fuels workouts and busy days with delicious, protein-rich drinks.

The stainless steel construction of this shaker keeps shakes and smoothies icy for hours. A lifesaver for hot workouts and active days when sustained energy through the smoothie shaker is crucial. The BPA-free, leakproof lid sips mess-free while its wide mouth accommodates supplements, superfoods and fresh ingredients in personalized recipes.

Convenient, durable and designed with wellness needs in mind, this weight loss and workout shaker supports your journey from pre-op planning through long-term maintenance. Stay motivated with cold drinks to power activities and schedules. Refuel comfortably using the insulated protein shaker in style! Take your nutrition on-the-go or enjoy it at home.

  • Avoid storing the bottle in the freezer; Lid dishwasher safe, we recommend hand-wash the body