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Bariatric Webinars

BN Healthy helps keep Bariatric Practitioners up-to-date with the latest nutritional developments in the Weight Loss Surgery field.

Every few months, we gather our community of professionals to share an understanding of specific areas related
and evoke discussion about applying it to practice. The forum is both thought-provoking and a great opportunity to network.

Bariatric Professionals are essential in supporting and providing quality health for Bariatric Patients.
Our BN Professional Webinars feature Bariatric Professionals, learning more
about the options available to your patients and helping answer any questions you may have.

Our objectives are to:

  • Develop the advancement of knowledge and maintain standards in the clinical area.
  • Access new approaches to improving the lifestyle of Bariatric Patients through clinical practice.
  • Provide guidelines to relevant professional associations.
  • Form a closer association with Bariatric Professionals for advancing Weight Loss Surgery and management to improve patient compliance.
Do you want to be a guest speaker on our BN Professional Webinar Series?

We would love to have the opportunity for Bariatric Professionals to speak at our Webinar Series;
please fill out the form below - so that we may gather more information about you and your presentation.

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About the presentation

Jacqui talks with Suraya about evidence-based approaches to prevent or reverse weight regain.

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Jacqui showcased the exciting new additions to the BN Healthy range, highlighting how that will help with patient compliance.

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Debbie provided valuable tools for improving WLS patients' mindset habits for long-term success on their weight loss journey.

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Nathan provided excellent practical guidance to support our patients in exercising post-surgery safely and effectively at each stage.

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Dr Paterson pointed out great analogies for patients experiencing difficulties in these extraordinary times.

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Jacqui showcased the comprehensive range of patient and practitioner support resources, information and tools available now.

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Dr Talbot discusses the process he undertakes when a patient presents with complications related to their WLS.

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Amanda discusses the reasons a patient's weight loss may plateau and strategies to try to get the patient back on track.

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