February 2021

How to Keep Your Health and Nutrition Front of Mind?

When someone is trying to sell us something, they send the message on a few different platforms!

For example: Sanitarium ads will pop up in the supermarket, on TV, as a sponsor of a sporting event, on social media and on the radio.

Hitting you with the same information on a regular basis they are trying to keep their product in the FRONT OF MIND = maybe you’ll create a connection with the campaign and buy their range instead of their competitor.

The same goes for your health and nutrition mindset - you need multiple different “advertisements” running at the same time to keep you on your game.

Try things like:

  1. Making a healthy shopping list.

  2. Meal planning,

  3. Having your exercise gear visible.

  4. Rather than sitting and eating every time you meet a friend - make a date with a for a walk and healthy breakfast.

  5. Visiting local markets where fresh foods are sold.

  6. Find out where healthy people hang out in their spare time and GO THERE, turn up, and keep turning up. The old “fake it til you make it” theory stands true. If you want more friends, you turn up where you might find like-minded people also looking for friends .

  7. If you want to get fit, join a walking group/ some other activity you enjoy - you’ll find this will bring its own learnings from hearing about what others know about keeping healthy and active. 

  8. Follow our health and nutrition AWLSPodcast

    Join support groups like BN Bariatric

  9. Subscribe to various E-News for nutrition and health.

  10. Visit your local “wellbeing” centre and see what they have to offer -often there are health-related workshops and other free events that will keep you learning all the time.

  11. Make sure - health and nutrition and activity are in your field of vision regularly - and you’ll start to see it all become your LIFESTYLE 

Jacqui Lewis
BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

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