March 2021

Snack Smarter after WLS

When craving strikes, it’s so convenient to grab a bag of chips and a glass soda and you are good. But snacks such as these are not healthy for your body and can gravely affect your weight loss journey. So what to do instead? Eat snacks smarter!

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Five things to help you snack smarter after WLS

Five things to help you snack smarter after WLS

1. Snack on Protein rich morsels!

When we snack on foods which are rich in protein after bariatric surgery, we find that hunger is kept under control, and “break out” snacking stops being an issue because protein is king for:

a ) Keeping you feeling full

b) Telling your brain you have had enough to eat

c) Regulating your blood sugars and insulin.

Foods that spike insulin like carbs and sugars will DRIVE hunger and need to be kept to a minimum.

2. Snack only when you’re  truly hungry

Try not to let the clock govern when you eat - if you are not hungry, simply wait until you are (unless you simply never have a hunger signal and you need to make sure you are getting what you need) . Longer periods between meals are ideal for fat loss, so that blood sugars and insulin are not elevated too many times throughout the day.

Avoiding unnecessary calories by eating when you are not hungry is key to losing the weight you are trying to shed after WLS, but not only that - now, make this your mantra “where insulin is present, fat loss cannot happen

This is why we spread out feeding windows, and stick to low GI adequate protein snacks between meals - this will bring about the best results after your gastric sleeve or bypass surgery and beyond. 

3. Avoid grazing

There is a difference between snacking and grazing, and after WLS, grazing can sneak in and sabotage you!

Grazing is when you use snack foods multiple times a day to feed, rather than 3 substantial meals and a few snacks when hungry in betweenStructure your3 main meals so they are satisfying enough to keep you feeling full for a good few hours- they should be structured using aBariatric Portion Plate and Bowlor if you’re out and about, use the handyPortion Mat 

Eat all or what you can of your meal - then anything left over will be your next snack. That way, you are eating meals rather than filling up on snacks and not having enough room for a wholesome meal.Snacks are protein rich such as eggs, yoghurt, protein balls, tuna and crackers, hummus and crackers, nuts and seeds, keep it simple and “real Food” based. 

4. Snack mindfully- not mindlessly

This meansbeing aware of what and why you’re eating. Plowing through a bag of chips in front of the TV is an example of mindless eating, whereas listening to your body’s hunger cues and if truly hungry choosing nutritious snacks such as string cheese, fruit, or popcorn is an example of mindful snacking. 

5. Plan ahead

Think about your day and where it will take you - will you be able to access good food options easily? If you are choosing protein rich foods to snack on as part of your lifestyle, you will find you need to be prepared to alleviate the “oh my god I'm starving, just give me whatever is going” snack attack.

Protein rich foods are actually hard to come by - CARBS are everywhere, and carbs will tend to be the default if you don't have anything worthy of your snacking enjoyment with you!Carry non perishable snacks like nuts, seeds, packaged protein bar/balls with you.

Or pack in an insulated lunch box, your meals and snacks for the dayso you are set up for total protein snacking success!!!

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Jacqui Lewis

BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

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