February 2021

Resisting Temptation and Staying Focused on Your Journey

Staying focused on your weight loss journey can be difficult especially when your body has been used to eating all the food your crave.

But resisting temptation is the first step towards a healthier and better you. To help, here are tips to help you.

How to Focus On Your Weight Loss Journey

1. It’s your journey - so don't worry about what others say about your choices in food or drinks

2. Don't leave the house hungry, and unprepared.

3. Remember that most people are so busy worrying about themselves they don't really notice your choices - if you are not making a big deal yourself.

 4. Don't travel without supportive foods and fluids with you unless you know for sure you can get what you need where you are going.

5. Map out yourNO THANK YOUpractice and be enrolled in it.

6. Go where the love is. don’t hang around where there are judgments, comments or criticism.

7. If it is time to digress from your usual targeted eating plan, don't blow it on food you don't absolutelyLOVE.

 8. When you do blow it - get over it. Don't wait until next Monday to start again.

9. Map out healthy alternatives to the things that trip you up and know where to get them or how to make them yourself.

 10. Make a set ofPERSONAL RULES: things that you are absolutely unbending on. (start with 2, then when mastered make more rules). 

Here’s an example of a few of mine:

1.“I don't eat deep-fried food” not that I don't like it, I just don't love it enough to want to work it all off later.

2.“I drink 2 glasses of wine per week” now if I do one on a Monday, I have to remember that on Friday when I want more wine, I only have one left in the bank.

3.“I don't eat out on a weeknight unless it's a special occasion” eating out mid-week is always forgotten about by the weekend, and the extra calories in 2 bought meals will probably not leave me in the calorie deficit I need to keep me heading in the right direction.

What are your new PERSONAL RULES?

You don't have to tell everyone, you just live by them when you are getting yourself through the week.

Share them with our BN Bariatric community.

Jacqui Lewis

BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

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