February 2022

Shantelle Meehan

1. What made you decide to have wls surgery?

To be healthy and to be able to run around with my kids
2. What was your weight prior to your WLS, and... What’s the goal?
Before 170kg and now 96kg goal weight 90kg
3. Did you get to the weight you wanted?
Still going 6kg to go but had a baby 12months post off
4. How do you feel now that you have had the surgery?
Fantastic best thing I did
5. Were there any problems along the way?
No 1 problem
6. Would you do it again now that you know what you know?
Yes should of done it sooner
7. What are some of the inspiring things you can think of that you have noticed along the way?
The comments off friends and family and even strangers
8. Did you have some happy unexpected surprises?
Fell pregnant
9. What advice do you have for anyone preparing for surgery?
Don't be scared yes it's a hard road learning but we'll worth it
10. What is the one very best thing that has resulted from your surgery? What has been the hardest part of your journey?
I can now run around after children I'm healthy and I have never had a hard part I've been extremely lucky