May 2022

Kim Buckow

1. What made you decide to have wls surgery?
I had surgery for my heart as I have cardiomyapathy and heart failure and wanted to live a better quality of life
2. What was your weight prior to your WLS, and... What’s the goal?
Weight prior was 108.6 goal weight was 58 kilos
3. Did you get to the weight you wanted?
I have passed my goal weight I'm down to 54.7 kilos
4. How do you feel now that you have had the surgery?
I feel great I can move around which is good for my heart health I have my life back and my heart is stabilise
5. Were there any problems along the way?
I have not had any problems at all it has been an amazing journey
6. Would you do it again now that you know what you know?
I would do it all Again without hesitation
7. What are some of the inspiring things you can think of that you have noticed along the way?
I have more confidence in myself I take more pride in my self and love shopping
8. Did you have some happy unexpected surprises?
People's reaction when they see me it's amazing
9. What advice do you have for anyone preparing for surgery?
Listen to your surgeon and team follow there guidelines and ask any questions
10. What is the one very best thing that has resulted from your surgery? What has been the hardest part of your journey?
Best thing being able to smile again and living life to the fullest hardest I wouldn't say any part has been hard I renewed my wedding vows.