Helpful Tips & Guides

Weight Loss Surgery involves significant lifestyle changes.

Reading helpful tips and guides will assist you in:

  • The physical and lifestyle adjustments pre and post-surgery
  • How to cope with the emotional and mental effects of WLS
  • Practical tools for a successful weight loss journey

We aim to educate, encourage and empower Bariatric patients.

Explore our selection to help you acquire information and skills for the best outcome available at every phase of the Bariatric journey.

Exercise & Health

How to Get Back on Track with Your Exercise Routine After Holidays?

Getting back on your weight loss goals after a long holiday season is challenging. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and healthy to continue your weight loss journey.

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Improve Your Energy After Surgery

As the afternoon wears on and your eyelids begin to drain, it's simple to turn to a sugary cup of coffee or energy drink to get you through the second half of your day. But after surgery, this is one habit that you may want to revise.

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Exercise Schedule After Weight Loss Surgery

As your body continues to heal and strengthen, it's important to develop and maintain a consistent exercise schedule. When should you start exercising after bariatric surgery, and how far should you push yourself?

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Exercise Guidelines for Each Stage

If you're considering Weight Loss Surgery or have already had WLS, adopting a physically active lifestyle with maintaining healthy eating habits (before and after surgery) is essential to your long-term success.

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Food & Nutrition

Cardio, Strength and Flexibility After Surgery

Cardio, strength and flexibility are important for success after weight loss surgery, but how much is necessary? What type is best? Will it affect the amount of weight you lose or help maintain your weight?

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Discovering a Better Relationship with Food

We may be overeating, undereating or eating insufficiently depending on our day and mood. It's time for us to improve our relationship with food. Explore identifying your eating habits.

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Setting Yourself Up to WIN in 2022

New Years Resolutions is a great time to feel like you can hit the reset button, and make those changes. But the larger majority of New Years Resolutions don't stick. But didn't Einstein say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

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Post-Surgery Journey

The First Step to Overcoming Emotional Eating

Discovering another way to deal with negative emotions is often the first step towards overcoming emotional eating. Learn and acquire simple strategies to improve your eating habits.

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Real WLS Transformations from Real People

If you’re still on the fence about getting Weight Loss Surgery - whether gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve procedure or another type of bariatric procedure.You probably have heaps of questions running in your mind...

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Boost your energy and live your best life after weight loss surgery!

After WLS, it can be natural to experience fatigue and weakness. With a holistic approach to your health, you can quickly get back to your energetic self. Here are some tips to help get that Spring back in your step!

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Benefits of Journalising Your Weight Loss for Better Health

If you were to chat to just about anybody who is successful at anything at all, most of them would tell you that they write things down, whether it be their initial goals, keeping a log of

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Vitamins & Minerals

Soak Up the Benefits of Vitamin D After WLS

Vitamin D deficiency is common before and after bariatric surgery. Learn more about preventing and treating Vitamin D deficiency, and some great picnic spots to soak up some of the sunshine vitamin.

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What's All the Noise About Taking Vitamins After Weight Loss Surgery?

After WLS, you are at risk of not getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Learn why taking the correct nutritional supplements is essential.

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Regulate Your Bowels: Constipation After Weight Loss Surgery

Constipation is common after WLS. Understand the causes, prevention, and treatment will help you put your mind more at ease.

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